Ketchup is in the process of adding parallel digital development to it's range of services. We aim to provide editorially thought-through development of complementary digital platforms – including preplanning of editorial structure, conception of app form and function, XML planning and cleaning/enrichment in preparation for migrating books to various ebook formats (EPUB, AZW, OPF etc.)

Often approached in a post-hoc fashion – to be truely effective and economical, projects need to be planned from the off, with parallel development of print and digital platforms. This is particularly true with the advent of the mobile iApp.

iApps offer a radically different and far richer media experience for the customer - however, reimagining books as mobile applications needs careful planning and editorial intelligence, allied with technical know-how.

Ketchup aims to approach the project managment, design and fulfillment of digital books from a fully integrated, editorially-minded and aesthetically centred point-of-view.

Ketchup is currently in the process of adding upcoming independent developers and programmers to our team of trusted freelancers.