Ketchup provides a fully equiped packaging service to publishers - combining completist design and production skills with in-depth editorial engagement.

Packaging projects have included:

Wild Britain (Wallflower Press):

Large-format, full-colour book for Reader's Digest Books and Harpercollins, written by leading wildlife author Christopher Somerville. Design, editorial, picture-editing, layout and project management to very tight co-publishing schedule.

New Naturalist Series (HarperCollins):

Ketchup has packaged several titles for HarperCollins' venerable Natural Science series, including Dartmoor, Bird Migration, Badger & Plant Pests. From unedited typescript produced titles to press-ready files - editorial managment, design, colour pre-press and illustration.

Wim Wenders (Axiom Films):

Approached by Axiom Films who were interested in branching into book publishing. Assisted in setting up a book imprint for them and project managed, under duress of very short production schedule, design and production of an attractive coffee-table publication in time for a Wenders season at the National Film Theatre. Graphic design by Paul Tilby.


Considered Trifles (Alnwick Press):








Edited, designed and produced (including print-buying) in traditional form, a volume of writings compiled by John Field - a private publication.




The Art of Film (Wallflower Press):







Teamed up with the author and academic, Ian Christie, to package a highly illustrated volume about production designer, John Box (Dr Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia, etc.). Managed copy-editing, designed, produced and managed printing of title. Packaged for independent film publisher Wallflower Press.